Term Life Insurance

Term Insurance: 

Living Benefits Riders

Terminal illness
Many insurance providers include at no extra cost.
Also called accelerated death benefits, this rider can help provide funds if you receive a terminal diagnosis that shortens your life expectancy to two years or less.

Critical illness
May include an additional fee.
This can provide funds to help pay medical expenses for certain qualifying illnesses that have high medical costs and shortened life expectancy.

Chronic illness
May include an additional fee.
This is like a critical illness rider but applies if you are diagnosed with a chronic illness that prevents you from being able to complete at least two of six determined "activities of daily living" (ADLs). These ADLs include eating, bathing, using the bathroom, getting dressed, transferring, and continence.

Additional Common Riders

What can I expect when applying for life insurance?

Can you avoid a medical exam?

Yes, there are ways to avoid taking a medical exam. One way is to consider applying for simplified issue term insurance. For details click here.

I don't believe I can qualify for life insurance. What are my options?

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance is your best option if you cannot qualify for life insurance. You do not answer any medical questions or undergo a medical exam.